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2012-13 Awards

Strategic Initiative Grants

Campus Body Image Initiative

This is a multi-faceted program that focuses on promoting a healthy positive body image among female students. The initiative includes four components:

  1. a summer book club that will read Fat: The Story of My Life with My Body by Jean Braithwaite;
  2. Body Image Action Coalition a weekly discussion group;
  3. a lecture by Jean Braithwaite;
  4. and a full day “Soul Hunger” workshop and evening presentation entitled, Deciphering the Hunger Code: Understanding Food and Body Image Struggles Through Metaphor and Storytelling lead by Dr. Anita Johnston.

MENgageMENT: Men Engaged in Mentoring

This program grooms male students of color to be mentors through a year-long series of workshops, excursions, and film screenings. Participants will learn to be youth and/or peer mentors. The skills developed through this program will benefit student and community organizations as well as the participants’ own personal development.

Multi-racial/Multi-ethnic Students Initiative

This initiative includes four respected speakers, the Hapa Project (a multiracial identity project art exhibit), and monthly roundtable discussions pertaining to the concerns of multiracial/multi-ethnic students in higher education. The speakers are: Marc Johnston, doctoral candidate, Higher Education & Organization Change from UCLA, Louie Gong, President of MAVIN Foundation Mixed Heritage Center, Laura Kina, faculty member from DePaul University, and Kip Fullbeck, faculty member from University of California at Santa Barbara.

Social Networking for Collective Engagement: A Meta Component for the Retention of Latina/o Students

This is a component of the META project at La Casa Cultural Latina. This program consists of biweekly workshops and long-term assignments in collaboration with the Illinois Leadership Center and the Department of Latina/o Studies. These workshops will provide information on campus resources and opportunities; develop emotional intelligence and goal-setting strategies; implement Social Belonging Interventions; distance mentoring from alumni; and social networking within and beyond the university.