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2015-16 Awards

Strategic Initiative Grants

Beyond GLOBE

Submitted by: Yun Shi, Counseling Center
Co-sponsors: University Housing & Dining, and Residential Life

This program will unite current GLOBE members with Global Crossroads Living-Learning Community in an effort to increase domestic/international student engagement in a meaningful manner. Global Leaders: Orange and Blue Engagement program is a mutually beneficial program with the approach of students learning and helping students to learn about others from different backgrounds. It will be a structured program with 4-6 students in each cohort with the support of professional staff that will participate in various activities and events. This program will provide the opportunity for domestic and international students to network, develop leadership skills, global awareness, and cultural competency. Approximately 100-160 students will participate at each event throughout the academic year.

ICARE: A Tier II Sexual Assault Bystander Intervention Training (Renewal)

Submitted by: Molly McLay, Womenís Resources Center/OIIR
Co-sponsors: Counseling Center, Division of Inter-collegiate Athletics, Office of the Dean of Students, Office of Diversity, Equity, & Access, Office of Student Conflict Resolution, University of Illinois Police Department

ICARE is an extension of the FYCARE for first year students, a sexual assault awareness program. ICARE focuses on bystander intervention and teaches students whom have participated in FYCARE to facilitate intervention programs. Pre- and post-testing of 231 participantís documents that participants were more likely to engage in by-stander intervention. Specifically pre-test 78% of participants considered it likely or very likely that peers would intervene in sexually disrespectful situations compared to 91% post-test. Students own reported likelihood of intervening in sexually disrespectful situations increased from 81% pre- to 94% post-test. Participantsí confidence about intervening in sexually disrespectful situations increased from 76% pre- to 91% post-test. The project anticipates that ICARE facilitators will reach 1,000 students during the second year of the grant.

InterCultural Horizons

Submitted by: David Chih, Asian American Cultural Center/OIIR
Co-sponsors: University YMCA, International Student & Scholar Services, and OIIR International Education

InterCultural Horizons interns were trained in the previous year will work to expand the social media campaign #WeAreIllinois featured on Facebook and an art exhibit that explores the experiences of the interactions between international with domestic students. The interns will create other large-scale cultural immersions events. Additionally, the interns will meet weekly and discuss readings, engage with expert guest speakers, and participate in eight cross-cultural immersion experiences each semester. Interns will learn about globalization, international students in the U.S., Americans studying abroad, immigration experiences, and cultural exchanges. Five interns and one graduate assistant will participate in the program and they in turn develop large-scale events for campus throughout the year.

Interwoven: Domestic and International Student Service Immersion Trips

Submitted by: John Race, Illini Union
Co-sponsors: University Housing, Study Abroad Office, and Asian American Cultural Center

International and domestic students will be recruited to participate in civic engagement and collaborative learning. Students will have an opportunity to interact and grow culturally from each other. Students will learn how to organize their own service projects while participating in Interwoven. There will be two day trips and one three-day trip where the GLOBE approach of students learning and helping students to learn about others from different backgrounds will be used. The program is expected to serve over 100 students.

Verdell-Frazier Awards

Feminist Activist Academy (renewal), February 13, 2016

Submitted by: Patricia Morey, Womenís Resources Center/OIIR
Co-sponsors: Counseling Center, McKinley Health Center, University Housing, & Diversity & Social Justice Education

The academy is a skills-focused training for advocates and emerging female student leaders to enhance their awareness of feminist issues and to in turn put theories into practice in their organizing work. Students gained a safe space where feminist organizing is concretely discussed, network with other feminist activists and professionals working on behalf of women and gender justice, and develop their own perspectives on feminist action. This year two Feminist Activist Academy alumni will join the planning team, in the hope of building a stronger alumni network for the Feminist Activist Academy and the Womenís Resources Center. Itís anticipated that 35 students will participate.

I-Heart Healthy Relationships

Submitted by: Patricia Morey, Womenís Resources Center/OIIR
Co-sponsors: Counseling Center, University Housing, UIUC Police Department, Office of Student Conflict Resolution, & Diversity & OIIR International Education

An educational workshop on relationship abuse targeting undergraduate female students will be developed. This program will be based on a bystander intervention model. A literature search on best practices will be the basis of the workshop that will debut during National Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October 2015). The outcomes will be assessed in order to fine-tune the workshop for a wide launch during the 2016 Spring semester. Itís hoped this workshop will reach up to 260 female students.